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Gegründet von Sascha Paeth in 2019, besteht „Masters Of Ceremony“ aus 4 Mitgliedern der Band Avantasia (Sascha Paeth – Gitarre, Adrienne Cowan – Gesang, Felix Bohnke – Drums , André Neygenfind – Bass) und dem Keyboarder Corvin Bahn.

Auf ihrem ersten Release „Sings Of Wings“ wird stilistisch ein breites Spektrum des Metal – Genres abgedeckt: von aggressiven, eingängigen Metal Songs bis melodsichem symphonic Rock ist auf der CD fast alles vorhanden. Von den Fans wurde es als eines der einfallsreichsten, abwechslungsreichsten und aufregensten Veröffentlichungen des Jahres 2019 gefeiert. Aufgrund der Pandemie wird es aber erst ab dem Jahr 2022 live gebührend gefeierter werden können.


EINTRITT 12,50€ / Abendkasse

Band Info

After four or five years of discussions about a possible collaboration with Frontiers, renowned German producer, guitarist, and songwriter Sascha Paeth agreed to join forces with the Italian label and launch his new band, Masters Of Ceremony.

Sascha says, “Finally, I am putting my energy into a metal project of my own. It is the sum of my experiences over the years and a bit of a revival of what I was doing in the past.

”The resulting album “Signs of Wings” is much more than a solo album. Sascha put together a great group of musicians including Felix Bohnke (Avantasia) on drums, André Neygenfind (Avantasia) on bass, Corvin Bahn on keyboards, and the awesome American singer Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires). Offering a wide range of styles within the metal spectrum, from aggressive and straight foward metal songs, to more melodic and symphonic track, this record has a bit of everything and is certainly going to strike fans of Sascha’s as one of the most inventive, complete, and exciting releases in the metal genre in 2019.

As a 15 year old teenager, you might have found Paeth playing a more bluesy style, or Van Halen-meets-Accept style hard rock, but it wasn’t long before Paeth joined Heaven’s Gate, where the music was harder and heavier. This experience was where he learned to enjoy inspiration from adapting, from new styles, and from new collaborations. It was the start of a long journey through the music business, a journey that is far from over!

To label Sascha Paeth a multi-talented producer, engineer, musician, and songwriter might not quite cover his full set of skills and achievements. The Wolfsburg-born German multi-musician has produced countless bands including Avantasia, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Epica, and more. Having worked on, produced, and engineered over 200 albums since 1988, it’s fair to say he has a reputation for being at the forefront of shaping the European melodic p